19 November 2013


Do you work out of your home?  Is your studio in your house? I've moved my office back home and I have the distinct feeling, some people don't think I actually work.

I have a print shop and a graphic studio.  When I am at the print shop people think I work because I am at an "official" work place.  A couple of months ago, I developed an allergy to the fumes that were emanating from the machines when they were being washed.  I found out that you can develop allergies at any age.  But now I had a dilemma, I had to continue to work but how would I manage it.  I decided to move my office the graphic part at home.  By the same token, I would have more time to devote to my illustrating, since everything for illustrating was already at home.  Research books, light table, drawing table, paints, pencil crayons etc... So I merged both together.

So since I've been "home" in my studio working.  I find that certain people around me don't really think that I am working.  At one point over supper a family member was jokingly saying that I had an easy job, I just played all day and drew.  Hmmmm. It's funny how people perceive things.  In my reality, I am not playing... drawing takes alot of time and technique and planning.  To have a good drawing, I need to think it through, doodle, thumbnail then make a comp... then add a bit of color, try out different colors schemes and then get down to finalizing the actual drawing.   But the drawing is a product.  A finished item.  An item that I can sell and make money with.  That's what I think people that are not in a creative job don't see.  They don't see how much work is involved.  When they do have a chance to see a glimpse of the process it looks easy.  They didn't spend the whole time it took for us to come to this point.  If we make it look easy it's probably because we are good at it.

I too, love looking at illustrators draw on youtube.  The speed painting videos are amazing and inspiring.  The talent pool out there is stunning.  Yeah, they make it look easy and it looks like fun, doesn't it.  When you see someone draw, it's rather rare that you see someone painstakingly frown and cry and be in an frustrated state... they usually are happy or content when they draw.  That's probably because it brings us in that "creative" space and to me, any kind of creating is good.

So if people around you think you play all day and you "just" draw.  Take it as a compliment, and maybe, just maybe you are inspiring them by having the audacity to follow your path, your dreams.
Maybe, just maybe a part of them wishes they had that type of courage.

Keep drawing!


I'm ashamed to say I didn't think to thank the illustrators for my first few magazine pieces, but I always do now, because I'm aware that they put many, many more hours into their part than I put into mine, and I so appreciate the way an illustration can make the piece pop! I admire you, and all illustrators!

It's so true! People always tell me they wish they could draw as if I was born with a pencil in my hand, doodling. :D I'm not even close to where I'd like to be with my art, simply because I don't do it enough. It's on my to do list though. :D Thanks for sharing your story!

Spot on on so many counts, Anne-Marie. I had a friend in artschool who between the hours of 2-5 she wouldn't answer the phone or door, because it was her work time. Being young then I thought that was crazy. Now having gone through the experience I understand why. I have no idea how much of what I do is talent (interest?) and how much of it was effort. I was not the best calligrapher nor artist in my beginning classes. But what I did besides bring my passion and interest, was have at it incessantly. It has to become more than a simply hobby or a habit, it needs to be somewhat of an obsession. And what many don't speak of unless it's amongst ourselves, is when things are rough, or we're doubting ourselves we're one step away from depression. Often exacerbated if those around us don't "get" us. This is a wonderful post and I've shared it to my FB wall, hope you don't mind.

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