8 December 2015


I've been gone for more than a very long while... simply too long away from this precious one to one page where I can pour out the tribulations and the inspirations of my soul.  I've come back victorious after having faced my demons of how and when can I be an artist, a writer, an illustrator when my life is  overwhelmingly weighing me down with responsibilities, debts and obligations.

After a long couple of years of stating that I wanted to write and illustrate... after being half way in my second novel (unpublished) deciding I might not be such a good writer (insecure you think?) because of my bilingualism so I decided to go go to Concordia University and take a courses in creative writing and travel writing (just because) and take online courses with Will Terry at SVS because I wanted to be up to date in my drawing techniques....long breath here... I finally took a stand and jumped off the proverbial fence.  Well maybe life pushed me off the fence...or rather my hubby off the roof.

It all started when my hubby broke his femur.... well, that's when things really started rolling. Desmond was on the roof of our house putting up a vent for the kitchen fan.  He decided to go up on the roof to do this...and of course I was not home.

We had finally decided to renovate one half of the town house to rent by July which would then give us time to find a new house to buy.  A house with a studio and a writing/illustrating room!  Woohoo!  Slow but sure right?  Wrong.  Five minutes after he facetimed me to proudly show me his aeration pipe that he took the afternoon to do, he calls me up.

"Hon, I think I've had a little accident!" he states very calmly.
"Why what happened?" I ask nervously.
"I think I broke my leg," he replied.
"Really?" I ask completely thinking he is exaggerating since he is sooooo calm about the whole thing.
"Ya, I fell off the ladder and it's really painful!" he says still very calmly.
"Okay I am on my way! I replied. Then I heard voices around him.
"Whose there?"
"The neighbours down the street, are you coming home soon?"
"Yes, what neighbours?" I asked.
"I screamed so hard that the neighbours three houses down heard me and are helping me here, hurry!"
Oh shit.
I drove home as fast as I legally could.  The front door was open and the "neighbours" were in the house and on the deck taking care of Desmond who was lying on his side.  He did not look very good.  It took the ambulance one and half hours to get home (we are in the country) and there were more important emergencies than a possible broken leg.  Needless to say after about an hour of putting him on the stretcher, moving away the furniture to let the stretcher go by, taking down the patio door...we rushed him to the hospital where they took xrays and yes he did have a broken leg.... a broken femur.

Now my mind was going a hundred miles a minute... my hubby is in the hospital, my house has no kitchen and no bathroom... so he can't come back home here... what am I going to do?