21 August 2013

The difference between a good drawing and illustrating a children's book.

Needless to say, that magical filing cabinet has tons of projects and books that have been sketched out, of course.  However, before embarking on this whole process I decided to search out the subject on youtube.  Oh my!  Amongst the tons of not really useful stuff you can find pearls.  I did.

I fell upon an illustrator called Will Terry. 
You can find him on : willterry.com

Wow! He is a wealth of information, on sketching, character development, planning, layout, marketing etc.  So after listening to his free online videos.  I bought a couple of his tutorials.  I had some major catching up to do.  You see there is a world of difference between painting; oil and acrylics; and watercolor and inks; which are all hand drawn and the world of digital painting.

A digital painting can look like the real thing, but there are tremendous advantages to digital work, which I will get into at another time.
Now don't dismiss digital painting before you see it.  Here is a sample of Will Terry's work.

After buying his online courses I decided to go back to school!  
Online classes with Will Terry and Jake Parker, both accomplished illustrators.  Will is an accomplished illustrator with many books under his belt as well as a teacher at University of Utah and Jake Parker also an accomplished illustrator, has worked for Blue Line studios; on Horton hears a who, Ice Age etc... 
So I am well surrounded, I've got the best as far as I'm concerned at this stage of my life.  Going through this SVS storytelling course has helped me tremendously.  I understand how it is not simple to illustrate a children's book.  It takes skill, patience, imagination, good layout skills, understanding the script and in my opinion you have to think like a child.  You have to be the child that will read the book.  I want the books that Desmond and I write to be the ones that kids love to read over and over again.

Will we accomplish this dream... I hope so.

Next : My first layout of YUM YUCK!


When childrens book illustration comes to writing a childrens book, there are many easy mistakes that you want to make sure that you avoid.

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