20 August 2013

The other half of this great adventure

Well ...... Where to begin ... my life has been a convoluted journey. Many adventures, successes and failures. Won't bore you with the whole story, but needless to say, I have seen and exprienced much as a singer/actor muscian and more recently as an educator.

Fast forward to now and here I am with this absolute dynamo of a woman Anne-Marie Buscio!

She has always had a dream. Write and illustrate childrens books. As I have said to her from the earliest days of our relationship, "You are an absoluted volcano of ideas, enthousiasm and passionate creativity."

Really inspired ideas. Some were realized, but most were bottled up, filed away, never having had to the chance to be out there. When we combined our two lives together we did alot of purging and editing of our "stuff". Just a cursory glance through her old files of drawings and stories she produced over the years, blew me away. It also became, to maybe put mildly, an obsession within me to somehow uncork the bottle on this talent.

And in this process of discovery of Anne-Marie, I have also discovered a dream and passion. Educating through entertaining, engaging, and finding the joy. Words, images, music.

I have been a passionate life long learner. I feel as if Anne-Marie, the love of my life, and I were destined to cross paths here at this point in our lives. To create special things.

Stay tuned ....

So, let the adventure begin.



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