21 August 2013

A children's book... not as easy as you would think

Actually attempting to illustrate a children's book is quite something!  I was a little foolish to think that my past experience such as being a graphic designer, owning a print shop, working on everyone else projects and bring them to fruition, art expositions (oil painting) creating coloring books and activity books, creating products that sold all across Canada would prepare me for illustrating a simple children's book.

Really? No.

It is one thing to have a dream.  To pine over the dream, to wish you can achieve the dream.  But all dreams take a lot of work.  For some reason I had the impression that since I can draw, it would be easy.  I seriously think the writing is easier.  But I've always enjoyed writing and poured out my soul many a times on paper.  Paper was never a challenge for me, be it for writing, ideas or drawing.  

After being with Desmond and purging stuff to enhance our living situation, the subject of the filing cabinet in the basement came up.  "Are we going to get rid of that?" 
Scandalous question.  
"Never!" I answered defensively.  "So sorry, my love, don't know what got into me..." I apologized and proceeded to show him the drawers of dreams, wishes, stories and concepts hidden within this inconspicuous, nondescript piece of office furniture.
After a couple of hours of describing some stories and showing him characters that were developed etc...his response was.
"We've got to do something with this stuff.  It is absolutely incredible!"
The funny thing is when we embarked on "Yum Yuck" it wasn't in the filing cabinet. (she chuckled).

Yes, the simple children's book. 

So before deciding to embark on this adventure, after all we are not in our twenties, thirties or forties.
We did our research.  We bought books, we looked up the market, we looked at the possibilities and we discussed it in length.  There are of course pros and cons... but the love of  writing and illustrating surpasses the challenges that may lay ahead.  

Next... First challenge... the difference between a good drawing and illustrating a children's book.

Ciao for now, 


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