21 August 2013

Sending YUM YUCK for an evaluation from an editor

I am so excited and nervous.  We sent off our manuscript to someone I happened to see on facebook in one of my new groups called : writing workshops and events.  Her name is Susan Hughes, author and editor.  She has quite a few books and awards under her wing.

So Desmond and I talked about it.  We read the story to a couple of people in close proximity to us, but family and friends as precious as they are, will think anything you do is great.... right?
Exception : my daughter Sarah.  Don't get me wrong... she loves what I do and what Desmond and I have done together but she is not afraid of speaking her mind and telling us what she really thinks.  Yup, that's my girl!
So of course when she gave us her comments, both Desmond and I loved it and inserted a big missing link in the book.  Not long after revision 12, we discussed sending it officially to an editor for evaluation... after all we needed input.  We think it's good, but how would an editor see it?

Will wait for comments... I think it is a good price, she charges 150,00$ for an evaluation of a picture book.

Stay tune!


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