6 December 2013


This morning at breakfast I told Desmond that I would like to write a blog about brainstorming by yourself.  As soon as the words came out of me, we both bursted laughing.  It is a little bit absurd since it takes more than one person to brainstorm. But what I am hearing is that it is lonely out there for alot of artists and illustrators and writers.  The path of an artist or writer is in fact a lone venture. I sometimes can feel that loneliness as many other artists do.  A few years ago I would brainstorm with a couple of other creatives in my graphic shop where we would design products, write marketing texts, etc... During our lunch time we would talk about our personal projects and brainstorm.

The energy that happens when you share your ideas and then others build on that idea, which in turn brings you other ideas is very stimulating.  However when you are by yourself, in your home or studio and you are trying to brainstorm an idea and there is but an echo in your house from no feedback... it is in the least not very stimulating.

I find that when I am in writing mode, I get stimulated by anything I hear.  It could be on TV, a conversation, I hear more new things in a day than  I see.  (Unless I do research for visuals).

When I write it is all in my head, the inspiration is within and unless I actually talk about and explain in legnth, another person can't see or feel where I am going because I also have a huge amount of information stored inside which no one else sees or knows about...

However brainstorming for illustration purposes is quite different.  The drawing will stimulate emotion or a feeling to whoever sees it, be it finished or not.  People will give their opinion more openly and sometimes without even knowing what the project is about.  Constructive criticism or not, that is not brainstorming.  However someone might say something about your work which you hadn't seen and sometimes that can get you going.

With lack of other creatives around me, I brainstorm by doing research on the net.  It is my way of being up to date on what is happening artistically out there.  However the enormous pool of talent out there is incredible and you shouldn't let that de-motivate you.

A critique group could be a good place.  If you do not have a group you can make one up.  Post on facebook and ask others with the same interests as you if they would like to join.

Apart from that, I find that brainstorming is best when you are just waking up and nothing is disturbing you.  Of course if you have children or you have to hurry up for work, that certainly puts a damper on the brainstorming. Which in that case, when everything quites down... I just close my eyes and start thinking specifically about a project and then ideas just come.  You have to let all the crap step out of the picture and that sometimes takes some time to achieve.

Tip #1 : Give yourself some time.
Tip #2 :Carry a notebook at all times

Listen to everyone around you, what they are talking about.  Always keep in the back of your mind how you can have an idea for an illustation or a book.

For artists or illustrators, I found a get together they were giving on nude models.  Everyone brought paper, and the mediums they wanted to draw with.  It cost 25$ for a 4 hour session, with 5, 10 20 minutes poses.  You get to meet other artists and see how others work and improve your drawing skills.
Make new friends and be inspired!

What ways do you go about helping yourself to be more creative?
I am sure there are alot of artists out there that would really like to know.
Have a great week!


Excellently said !!
So glad to know that I am not alone with the ideas, colors & music that pass through me on regular, daily basis.

What about a brainstorming app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solobrainstorming

It will improve the brainstorming process and will result in fantastic results.

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