25 September 2013

Raccoon workout

Yesterdays Carrots todays Raccoon!  Doesn't make too much sense, but in the world of illustrating, well in my world this is where I am at.  So yesterday, I had worked on the famous carrots for my Critique's class.  First time I did anything on a Cintiq tablet and a color drawing at that.  So I continued the drawing and it went a little further.  It is not to my satisfaction, I lack crispness to the whole thing, I am just not sure how to attain it, but with trial and error I will master this!  So here is the next step of the famous insane homework illustratin we had to do... It is a small sample of the whole drawing in a previous post.  Oh did I mention I am at ten hours of work in this... learning new stuff, who would have thought it would take sooo long to achieve something... and I say something because as I stated it is a work in progress. As you can see Mr. Squirrel has not been dealt with yet!
 Will keep you posted.


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