24 September 2013

The Benefits are starting to show

Benefits not profits!  The benefits of taking a class, the benefits of having a Cintiq tablet.  Those benefits.  You see this was the process before.
Find a piece of paper, preferably a 8.5 x 11
Sketch an idea
Refine the idea by making a tighter sketch
Erase, pencil, erase, pencil
Wipe with you hand,
Clean your hands from all the lead that is on the side of your hand and sort of smudging your brand new pencil drawing.
Take your pencil drawing and put it on the scanner window.
Open you computer
Open your scanning software
Scan the document
Make sure it is the right size
Save the document
Transfer it to you other computer
Open your photoshop software
Find your scan
Rename your scan for better finding purpose and hopefully you will remember what you called it.
Then, can you commence and start really working on your drawing.

I can either do the same thing or
Open the computer
Open photoshop or illustrator
Pick up my cintiq brush
Bend my screen to be more like a book
and start drawing
no more dirty hands
no more smudgy drawings
no more scanning

But the really neat thing is that I am learning a new way to do things.  It will be much better when I submit the work to my editors.  It will make life easier, changes easier, everything easier and the key word here is faster.

It is a big learning curve, but I have a really awesome teacher, Will Terry... if you are looking for a great place to learn all this, he is the guy.  I will develop my technique at a later date.  So do you want to see the results of my first real experience on a wacom tablet and learning how to paint on screen instead of on a canvas.... here it is!  This is part of my homework.  This type of drawing is aimed for children's books. As you see around the carrots is the original sketch.  It is long at this point... but I am learning.  I am pretty happy with the results.  Ciao for now, Anne-Marie


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