28 September 2013

You would think I like a challenge or something....

So here we are, I handed it my homework to Will for the Critique's class.  Now can I be frank... This whole thing is a big challenge and I will tell you why.  First of all, I am a traditional artist, you know oil paint, watercolor, acrylics.  So a while back I wanted to illustrate children's books because you know I've been writing children's books for a while.  (no... didn't send any in to get published yet).  So at this time in my life, I decide..."hey let's go for it."  My supportive significant other, Desmond is extremely supportive and we decided to be a team and go for it together.  By the way, the fun we have coming up and writing the stories is AMAZING!
So then we decided I would illustrate... so I started sending stuff off to agents and publishing houses and did not get to much of a great feedback apart from we really like your stuff, but no commitment. So I wondered why. Did my research and discovered Will Terry.  Which throughout the web, I found his classes were reasonably priced and that I would learn most from him at this point and time.  So I started taking his classes this summer.  In one of his classes he discusses your portfolio.  Well, well, well, that is why I wasn't so successful.  There is a way to present, the material that needs to be shown, the quality, the environment, your skills need to be displayed properly, etc.  So the question was then was I ready to invest.
Yes invest in time, classes and time and time and time, because to get better it takes time and practice and time to give to your passion, to your dream to your goal.
So we've invested in classes, equipement and software and time. Every spare moment or just about is spent on drawing and learning.  Which means after my full day at work... yup I get to work.  That time is split in two between the other job and learning.  So needless to say I am literally and physically glued to my chair.  My body has trouble getting out of the chair!!!! I feel I am morphine into becoming a new species.

So, here is the next step in the process.  I am not satisfied... did I say... I am not happy with the result.  But time is up.. I have to hand it in.....
So here it is.
Oh yah, I forgot to mention we had a second assignment for those that were interested.  So I started drawing my scenario for the second one and wanted to work on that today... but Autumn is here and we have to close down this place for the winter.... and finally spend a couple of hours cleaning the house.... where's the maid?  Oh yah, we don't have one....Shoot!


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