17 September 2013

You draw with a mouse... no more....

Yup, so second class of my critique class with Will Terry.  I am becoming obsessed.  I redrew the whole thing and handed it in.  Then in the middle of the night I had feelings of remorse.  Yup, you see I showed my daughter and son in law and they are really good soundboards.  I mean no holds barred.  They tell it as they see it.  Well that's the way I raised her up to be and he must like that way of being because he does it too.  Anyhow, all to say that they noticed some things that were just a bit off and from another person's point of view that was a good thing.  I couldn't say no to what they were saying but what was I to do... it was Thursday night, I had handed in my homework... but the night wouldn't let me sleep this one through.  The next morning, I erased the balloons, redrew the fox's face, detached the squirrel from the raccoon, changed the shadows and moved things around... then handed it in again.
So critique night class :  Will saw how enthusiastic I was about the whole process... and was almost shocked to know that once the drawing was in, I was putting in my values with a mouse in photoshop!
Yes I was.  That was Saturday night.  Today we are Tuesday and I have received my Wacom tablet!!!!!!
Wooooo hooooooooo!!!! I made the investment... it is for my career as an illustrator and I would like to win some awards here so I need to work hard and extremely well.  Is that too ostentatious... that I would like to win some awards... The Caldecott is what I am aiming for.... hey you have to aim high if you want something worthwhile.
So know I have to learn how to draw on a wacom. Next step in this huge learning process.... but boy do I love this!
Ciao for now

oh yah, this is the last drawing I did that was my second presentation in my critique's class.  The first one is somewhere down below in another blog. Just look at the difference!  It took over five hours with research and drawing to do it.  Thumbnail, placement, values.... this is not the last one...however... after this I made extra changes.... here the squirrel is to close to the raccoon eating cakes, Mrs. Pepper is looking up instead of down... the balloons in the window... well it's confusing... yes, yes the owl is gone.... I will post later the modified version which will be number 3... and I have to confess... I still have some changes to do.  Will said the cake was a little too close to the leaves and the rabbit and the tree too straight on the left... so will modify.... then we get into photoshop.....I will keep you posted...
Signing off,


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