18 October 2013


Can I be frank?  I am amazed.  I am simply amazed at how this drawing turned out in photoshop.  I mean realistically speaking... this is truly my third drawing on my cintiq tablet, my third drawing with photoshop, my third drawing ... digital.  I like where I am going with this.   I do see the mountain I still have to climb.  But i am happy with what I am achieving.  This does not mean I can slack off.  Heck no!  I still have a power class with Will Terry on October 26th and another one on one.  So my plan is to now draw my thumbnails for our book.  Anyhow... here are the results.  I changed Mattie's color scheme, I've softened her up, I kept brightness where I wanted there to be... and kept line art, just paler.... I like her!  Tell me what you think....


The softness is lovely, and the rendering is great, you are catching on really quickly to using the drawing tablet! amazing!

In terms of the colour scheme, I love that it isn't the typical, uber-girly colours; but, I do feel like there is a bit of contrast missing... I think maybe I would like the eyes to vary more from the dress? In any case keep up the great work!
- Katrina

Thanks Katrina, I wasn't sure about the eyes, I was thinking of making them green or blue... that will be by next try out...

I think she would be awesome with green eyes! Whichever color you choose, I like the way she is looking. Great job with the tablet and photo shop!

I tried out an intuos tablet and didn't really like drawing on a board while looking at my monitor. Do you think the Cintiq is a worthwhile investment?

Hi Benj,
Sorry for the late reply. I wouldn't be able to work with the intuos. The cintiq 22 is amazing. One of my friends told me you can get them on ebay for cheaper. Is it worth it. You betcha! I simply love it. I should have done this before.

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