21 October 2013


Being an freelance illustrator usually means you work by your lonesome, at home.  This isolation is not healthy on the long run.  On the short run if you need to concentrate and need to focus... well you are certainly not disturbed.  However on the long run it is a definite benefit to have colleagues that you can bounce your drawings and illustrations on.  They can keep you on your toes and tell you what's good and not so good about your drawings.  That my friend, is a really good thing.

Get a group that can not only like your stuff but help you evolve.  I found most of my groups by joining an online course.  If you want to learn to paint digitally very well and many other techniques... Will Terry is fantastic!  Anyhow... he had this class at -School of Visual Storytelling and that is where I started taking classes.  From there came a group of illustrators that I was studying with from all over the world.
This group keeps us evolving and not afraid to constructively criticize each others work... and encourage us to persist and go on...
This cuts the isolation and keeps you going, as if you were in a working environment which is fantastic.  I suggest this for any illustrator that's at home.


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