16 October 2013

Perfecting the drawing...

I've sadly had my last critique's class and am awaiting impatiently for my one on one with Will Terry.  I really enjoyed this class.  I've learnt so much from all the critiques.  I have Will Terry's power day class with four illustrators coming up and a surprise illustrator too on October 26th.  So hyped up about all that.
So after the last critique class I had some modifying to do and so I did.  Subtilité in french.... can't find the word right now.  But it is small details... but it's funny that in the small and what you might sometimes think insignificant details is where the whole painting just harmonizes together.  Less moon, more detail in the inside treehouse.. more light in the shadows... I am happy with this first digital drawing...
Can i go further... of course... we can always go further but then the hardest part is to know when to stop.


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