8 October 2013


Anyone ever take an online class?  Wonder if it is worth it?  Well, I guess that would depend on many things such as the class, the teacher, the subject.  Just as in anything else, I think one should research the person that you would like to take a class from.  Before buying into my online classes, I went searching for information about illustrators.  There I found a couple of interesting people sharing information about their art, their lessons and basic information plus of course a couple of speed drawing videos.  It's hard for me to pay for something if I don't feel it is going to be worthwhile.  When I found my teacher, I had found a place where he sold his books.  I bought one of his online videos, listened to it and was impressed but most importantly learned something.  When an online course was offered, I bought a light version and saw how it was conducted and learned.  The next online class was offered and there I took it instantly.  I was like a groupie waiting for tickets for my favorite concert.  I think i was the first to sign up for that class.  I have just finished the class and I have a one on one still to be done in a week.  Can I say any louder how much I have learnt from listening to all the other critiques from all the other participants / collegues in this class as well as my own critiques !!!! I have learnt sooo much and am so hyped up about learning more and perfecting what I have learnt.  Online classes is a PLUS.  If you are an aspriting illustrator go find Will Terry, go see on youtube first, then do the same route as I did, or just jump into it!
Here is the last drawing I presented.  Now I still have some work to do on it... to fix the things that need fixing and yes there are alot of little things that need fixing.
But here is the work in progress.


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