16 October 2013

The Arts and Crafts section

For all those who know me, my life has always been surrounded by the arts.  From my father Alberto Francesco Buscio (1939-1991) to my uncle who is still alive Umberto Bruni (all of 99 years old!).  I have been drawing, doing crafts, inventing things since I can remember.  I gave a course called "La Magie des Arts" translated it would pretty much say "The Magic of Art" at a friends basement.  I had a dozen children taking the course including my own.  It was a course that had different experiences or projects to do which included science, three dimensional art, fun with new things, thinking out of the box.  The kids attending were up to 12 years old!  I loved it!

So the arts and crafts part will be things I will find that are interesting, my twist on arts and crafts and activities.  I will eventually post youtube videos and pdf to download.
Hope you will enjoy it.  Feel free to comment on things you would like to see!


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